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What skincare routine do you recommend for oily and breakout-prone skin?Updated a year ago


  1. Cleanse with our Clear Nourishing Cleanser. It purifies skin without being overly harsh or drying (that would only exacerbate breakouts). 

  2. Hydrate using the Clear Nutrient Toner. It has astringent properties that help balance oil and minimize the look of pores without depleting skin of moisture.

  3. Treat and Protect with the Chebula Active Serum. This powerful serum protects against free radical damage while treating 5 signs of aging. 

  4. Moisturize with the Clear Pure Radiance Oil, which replaces traditional cream or moisturizer. It’s packed with plant oils that helps to clarify skin.

  5. Sun Protection use our Skin Barrier Sun Shield SPF 30


Repeat steps 1-4, and then add:

Enrich by slathering on our Clear Repair Nightly Treatment, a hydrating blend of concentrated ingredients, it helps purify skin and make it appear smoother and healthier.

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