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Ingredient Questions

Isn’t orange oil photosensitizing?

We do not use photosensitizing oils in any products that remain on the skin. Citrus aurantium amara is the Latin name for the bitter orange tree, which is the source of three different essential oils. Only bitter orange essential oil is photosensitiz

Do You Use Synthetic Ingredients?

Nearly every ingredient used in our products is plant-derived, with just a few exceptions: certain ceramides and peptides are certified MADE SAFE®, biomimetic (meaning they mirror nature’s design), and synthetic. In this case, we chose synthetic vers

Are Your Products Vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan.

Do Your Products Contain Nut Oils?

Our ingredients do not contain nuts or nut-derived products, but our products are not certified nut-free as we do not formulate them in a nut-free facility

Do Your Products Contain Soy?

Yes, we use non-GMO, soy-derived ingredients. Tocopherol, glycerin, and lecithin may all contain soy.

Why Are Some of the Essential Oils Organic and Others Not?

We strive foremost for authenticity, and organic oils sometimes are not the best reflection of the plant. Additionally, certain oils we use may be derived from plants in the wild, where organic status is quasi-automatic and the certification meaningl

I’ve read that phenethyl alcohol and ethylhexylglycerin could be toxic, so why are they in your formulas?

It’s important to us that every product is safe for people and the planet, which is why we put our formulas through third-party independent, nontoxic certification by MADE SAFE’s board of scientists, who investigate ingredients and ingredient combina

Do Your Products Contain Caffeine?

All of our water-based products contain green tea, a potent antioxidant. However, we only using 0.05% loose leaf green tea in the formula. As the average cup of green tea, which is about 2% loose tea, only contains 35 mg of caffeine, our products con

Do Your Products Contain Gluten?

Our ingredients do not contain gluten. However, they are not certified gluten-free, as we do not formulate them in a gluten-free facility.

What Exactly Is a "Whole Essential Oil?"

We use the term "whole essential oil" to mean the pure, natural aromatic essence distilled from the plant instead of an isolate, which is a single scent molecule. The whole essential oil gives you the entire scent compound, versus a blend of individu

What percentage of Vitamin C is in your Vitamin C Booster?

When mixed with the appropriate Serum as directed, the Booster delivers at least a 10% concentration of vitamin C. Because we are using a fresh powder source, it is more potent than most vitamin C products available. If you experience any irritation,

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